Medical Advertising: How To Get New Patients Fast

Advertising for doctors is an important component of your overall marketing and lead generation strategy.

Blogging is great.

Posting on social media is great.

SEO is great.

All necessary components of medical advertising that you should be doing.

But if you want new patients fast, your best advertising for doctors is PAID ads. Specifically Google PPC (Pay Per Click) and also Facebook and Instagram PPC.

When someone searches on Google, they have a challenge or question. Your job is to meet them there!

When considering medical practice marketing strategies for your office, it’s a confusing space with a lot to think about.

1. Passive marketing

Passive marketing is when you put something out in the marketplace in hopes of someone responding to it.
This could be a blog post, a social media graphic, an Instagram post, a Tweet, a billboard, a flyer, ad in the newspaper, etc.

A good example is a blog post, you write an article covering a healthcare topic specific to your area of practice and publish this on your website.

Your intent is someone will search that topic on Google (you rank high due to your awesome SEO strategy) and the prospective patient reads the article, absolutely loves it and calls your office to book an appointment.

Passive marketing is “wishful” marketing or “hopeful” marketing, the hope is someone will respond to your content and this generates a lead.

2. Active marketing

Active marketing is when someone proactively puts something into the marketplace in such a way that all but guarantees a reaction or response. This is often called direct response marketing.

An example would be Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC). You would conduct keyword research to identify what group of words are relevant to your medical specialty are being searched on Google. You then have an ad show up at the top of Google search, increasing your chance that someone will click.

For example, someone types “best cardiologist philadelphia.” You have a Google PPC campaign set up to trigger your ad to show at the top of the search results.

This is a proactive and targeted medical advertising strategy. You literally Pay Per Click. And it is the BEST way to get your phone ringing now.

Medical Advertising: Google PPC & Social Media Ads

1. Google Ads for Doctors

Google PPC is an excellent option of advertising for doctors and healthcare practices who want to grow their patient base fast. Our agency will research and compile a list of targeted and high volume keywords relevant to your medical specialty.

Our skilled copywriters will then go to work to create your ads, including a “landing page” or “capture page” to capture the email addresses of prospective patients.

We then communicate with them through an automated email program that sends information and follows up over time (builds your brand).

If collecting a phone number in addition to email, it’s important someone from the office calls this “hot lead” the same day it comes in to really leverage your medical advertising spend. We can train your staff to do this effectively.

2. Instagram & Facebook ads

Social media for doctors is an effective platform for marketing and a great source for new leads.

Our team can run custom ad campaigns on both Instagram and Facebook. Hint: If your area of practice is in any way visual, you need to be on Instagram. Plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, medical spas, etc.

One thing to keep in mind, most people don’t hop on social media to buy something. They are there to be social, check up on friends or see what’s happening in the world.

Be sure to approach social media ads differently than Google PPC campaigns. You have to consider the mindset of the patient at that time; social activity vs buying/research mode on Google search.