Proven Dermatology Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Practice

Are you growing a practice in dermatology but having trouble reaching new patients? Are your ads not as effective as they could be?

A professional digital marketing agency can help your dermatology practice develop marketing strategies you need to attract and retain your “perfect patient.”

Proven dermatology marketing strategies

Before you spend any more money on a marketing plan or online ads that may not be effective, consider the advantages of a partnership with a marketing agency that specializes in dermatology practice growth! Here are the proven strategies:

A Stunning Dermatology Practice Website Built to Convert

The website of a dermatology practice is the public face of the business for all potential patients to see. Your website design and content should be part of an overall plan to generate attention, attract more patients and develop a premier online brand.

The website design needs to be appealing and attention-getting; it needs to grab the user quickly and draw them in with valuable content. From there, you begin to build the relationship through education and exceptional value.

SEO for Dermatology Practice Marketing

Your website won’t reach your audience unless it can harness the power of search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool that elevates websites in their search ranking on Google and other web browsers.

Almost all healthcare businesses use SEO to build their online presence, promote their services and generate new patient flow. Google uses a complex algorithm to choose which page appears at the top of the search results.

A dermatology practice marketing strategy that utilizes good SEO strategy will outrank other practices for the coveted first-page positioning on Google. SEO also includes locations and connections to Google Maps so prospective patients can find your practice using search terms like “dermatologist near me.”

PracticeVIP uses the latest search engine optimization strategies to incorporate the right keywords into your website and blog posts. There is backlinking, content marketing, meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc. and a whole lot more that goes into good SEO.

We understand how to connect your target audience with relevant keywords to ensure you are found at the top of the Google search rankings.

Google PPC Dermatology Advertising

While a strong SEO strategy is a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website, it is not enough to stand out from the competition. Paid marketing using Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) will put your practice ahead of the competition in the search rank results (above organic ranking).   PPC advertising requires a financial investment. A minimum of $50/day is a good place to start for Google PPC.

Our dermatology advertising strategies will integrate with your overall marketing plan to deliver your ads to those searching for dermatologists or dermatology services.

We also target prior visitors to your site with PPC ads, a technique called retargeting. Retargeting boosts revenue by staying top-of-mind with potential patients who might be considering your dermatology services.

Social Media Marketing for Dermatology with Facebook and Instagram Ads

People post on social media to express themselves and connect with friends and loved ones. Social media ads are very effective for potential patients who are concerned about their appearance and their skin.

Facebook and Instagram ads can also retarget people who have interacted with your site previously and who might be considering dermatology procedures or services.

PracticeVIP executes a highly targeted and effective social media marketing campaign for dermatologists, to include ad retargeting and geotargeting.

Reputation Management and Correct Provider Listings

To grow and maintain a successful dermatology practice, it requires trust. A patient needs to know that the doctor truly has their best interest at heart. Every patient should feel safe entrusting their skin to the care of a dermatologist and in the end, it’s how you make the person feel. Customer satisfaction is vital to a thriving practice.

A positive experience typically results in recurring office visits and can serve as a source of minimal-cost advertising through positive reviews and recommendations in their social circles. New patients need to have complete and accurate information about dermatology practices to make informed decisions.

As part of our reputation management services, we will ensure that your provider listings are on Google Business Profile (GBP), Healthgrades, Vitals, etc., and are kept up-to-date and accurate, so a potential patient can find you, learn about your practice and the services and procedures you offer.

Stay in Touch: Patient Database Reactivation

Satisfied and engaged patients can greatly compliment your marketing efforts. That said, even the most positive customer experience fades with time. An effective dermatology marketing strategy depends on “reawakening” interest. A former patient, unlike a new lead, has already chosen you once before.

PracticeVIP can target former patients with specific outreach, email communications, newsletters, text messaging and voice drops to inform them of additional services and promotions and provide a compelling reason for them to reengage with your practice.

Social Media Posting for Dermatology

An active social media account is a free and targeted way to connect with new markets, maintain business relationships with patients, and establish ties to the local community. Approximately 32% of social media users utilize Facebook, Instagram or X (formerly Twitter) to post about their friends and family’s health and medical experiences.

PracticeVIP will manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and GBP accounts to provide timely and relevant updates that will facilitate new patient recruitment and maintain engagement with your customer base.

Dermatology Marketing Ideas for Content Creation

Your website is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and your relevance to the community. In addition to the traditional roles of promoting services and procedures, a dermatology website can be a resource for new, prospective and former patients.

It will keep patients keep coming back for the latest information on skin care, dermatology and healthcare in general. Your website can also be a vehicle for promoting positive reviews of your practice.

A welcoming and positive website can prompt patients to share their positive reviews, allowing you to resolve complaints constructively and making your practice stand out as attentive and caring. Sponsorship and engagement with local events can help promote your practice as a supportive, trusted part of the community.

You should be maintaining an active blog presence on your website with a minimum of 2 pieces of good content published monthly. This keeps your site fresh and not static; plus, Google loves it!

Lead Follow-up and Long-term Nurture Campaigns

It is easy to lose a new patient by failing to follow up and maintain engagement. Marketing your practice is about more than just short-term advertising campaign or promotion.

Dermatologists should establish long-term relationships with patients over time. Small gestures over time cost your practice little, but they can be crucial to the long-term success of your efforts to maintain and grow your share of the dermatology market.

According to a HubSpot post, most offices only send one email, even though follow-up emails can result in sales 25% of the time. We work with you to build out a custom lead follow-up and long-term nurture campaign.

This involves email, text messaging and voice drops. It’s highly effective and you never have to push send!  If you are looking for a solid email marketing provider, we recommend Aweber.

Dermatology Patient Education Events

In-office educational events are extremely effective. You have a captive audience and if you do it right, they will be pre-positioned to buy. Step one is aggressive outreach to get butts in seats; it can’t just be one email for a Facebook post. You need to send multiple targeted emails and run ads to your existing patient base and prospective patients within a given distance from your office.

There are also other creative ways to advertise such as Eventbrite and the local Chamber of Commerce. Once people sign up, you must remind them to attend. This should involve multiple touch points such as email and text messaging.

The final step is scripting out a compelling presentation with a strong Call-To-Action (CTA) to close people into booked appointments. Education events are also opportunities to inform community leaders of the positive role your practice and the importance of dermatology in general.

How to WIN in the Competitive World of Dermatology

You went to med school to learn a specific skill set and to deliver exceptional dermatologic care, this is where your focus should be.

That said, you have three options for marketing: 1) Market yourself 2) Add it to the list of responsibilities for someone in your office 3) Outsource to a US-based digital agency that exclusively works with dermatology and aesthetic practices.

The team at PracticeVIP understands your world. Our founder & CEO, Jeff McGeary, spent 15 years walking into offices just like yours as a pharmaceutical sales rep. We know you are busy and we take dermatology marketing off your plate so you can 100% focus on seeing patients.

For a free practice acceleration consultation for your dermatology practice, contact us at 877-962-2642 or right here on our page. We look forward to hearing from you!