Med Spa Marketing Ideas for the Modern Medical Practice

A medical spa, also known as a med spa, combines the aesthetic treatments of a day spa with certain medical procedures that are ordinarily performed in a doctor’s office. People may consider going to a medical spa for various treatments, though most med spas focus on anti-aging treatments.

Patient acquisition for a medical spa begins with reaching out to potential patients. Today, with so much commerce conducted online, a medical spa marketing strategy is increasingly important.

Your medical spa marketing strategy is designed to bring in new clients and grow your practice. Raising your brand awareness and promoting your online presence is the key to increasing traffic to your website and ultimately to your medical spa.

You want to stand out from your spa industry competitors, and a well-designed and executed medical spa marketing strategy can do that.

To learn more about med spa marketing and how PracticeVIP can assist you in growing your practice, take a look at the proven strategies below!

Your Exceptional Med Spa Website

Your website is the most important spa marketing tool you have. This is where new patients get their first look at the treatments, therapies and procedures you have to offer. The website design needs to be appealing and attention-getting; it needs to grab the user quickly and draw them in with valuable content.

Your med spa website needs to present information about what your medical spa has to offer, including the range of procedures and treatments in your practice.

An effective medical spa website includes:

Staff bios with appealing photos.

A landing page detailing the treatments and procedures the med spa offers. If there are specialty treatments available, these should have their own landing pages.

A strong Call-To-Action (CTA) on each page. What do you want your website visitor to do, tell them!

Online patient reviews, both written and video. As well as any awards or acknowledgments that the medical spa or staff have received.

Financing options for patients, as well as payment plans, insurance providers and any special offers.

Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs), list out the questions you are consistently hearing and answer them.

An active blog kept current with informative topics related to your practice. Not to sell, but present value and information to help your website visitors.

Strong branding, your website must present YOU as the go to expert in your local market.

Bottom line, your website is the first impression for a prospective patient. You can drive website views and paid advertising to your site all day long, but the experience must be exceptional!

Boosting Your Med Spa SEO

So much research takes place online and searching for the right medical spa is always a high-search keyword. Most people will go online to find a med spa with the service they need and the price they want. The searchability of a site is vital, and the key is to increase that searchability and make your med spa as visible as possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing practice in which keywords and phrases are analyzed to determine the most visible in search results. This information is then used to improve the searchability of your site, having you appear higher in the search results.

How does SEO help your medical spa stand out among other medical spas? By focusing on local SEO targeting. Local SEO targeting puts your spa website in the top search results when people are looking for local medical spas. Ideally, you want it to come up in the top three listings in the search results.

Local SEO includes your spa’s physical location and the Google Map Pack that comes up when based upon one’s location.

How Does Google Business Profile (GBP) Maximize Your Med Spa Marketing?

Your medical spa marketing strategies must include Google Business Profile (GBP). The information and design of your GBP listing should be handled as carefully as your website because it is just as important. GBP not only affects where your spa ranks on the search results, but the listing is often the first thing that potential new patients see when they are searching for a medical spa.

GBP introduces people searching for information or a question to your practice, based on location. From the listing, searchers can see where your spa is located, hours of operation, how to schedule an appointment and how to get to your website for more information. Actively maintaining the GBP page with valuable information and visual content keeps your business high in the page rankings.

Get New Patients Now with Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is an important marketing tool that will boost your profile and target people interested in your med spa services. Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is a fantastic platform to get your phone ringing now!

PPC ads are found at the top of the search results page. They use keywords and phrases to help target the audience that will be most likely to click on your ads. You can advertise through search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo – with Google Ads being the dominant platform.

At PracticeVIP, we appreciate that an effective and impactful advertising strategy may seem overwhelming. We work with you to set up ads customized to your unique practice needs and suited to your marketing budget.

Keep Your Med Spa Social Media Fresh and Current

Social media marketing is a significant way of marketing to a target audience in a fresh way. Sites that offer paid advertising as well as organic reach from shares, follows, and likes, include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and others.

A recent article in Aesthetic Surgery Journal found that Google favors social media presence over academic experience or expertise in online search ranking. These social media platforms make it easy to customize your targeting and allow you to retarget readers and fans to keep you top of mind!

Organic Med Spa Advertising

Some of the best advertising is done by the patients themselves. Word of mouth, in the form of online reviews or patient testimonials, all contribute to a solid and reputable online presence.

A strong presence on review sites such as GBP, Vitals and Healthgrades improves your search result visibility. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, if you ensure that they are read and responded to promptly and graciously, they all help build your online reputation as well.

Email Communication & Newsletters

Newsletters and email remain the most effective way to build a mailing list and promote your med spa services. Newsletters and email marketing help you stay in touch with patients and visitors. These methods provide you with a way to deliver valuable content, including content marketing via blog posts, special offers and events.

Group emails are great ways to deliver special offers or one-time information, while an automated follow-up series can deliver content by stages to keep in touch. Analyzing the open rate on the email marketing campaigns will show which ones are most effective and why, giving you tools to refine future campaigns to reach your audience.

If you are looking for a solid email marketing provider, we recommend Aweber.

Maximizing Your Medical Spa Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are great places to get in touch with patients directly and increase your practice visibility through organic marketing. The opportunity to promote directly via your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or GMB page not only promotes the reputation of your med spa but also boosts its visibility in search engine rankings and on social media.

Keeping It Fresh on Your Med Spa Blog

A blog for your spa? Absolutely, yes! Blogging is still the most effective marketing tool available to you after your website. It’s an effective way to reach out to new patients, provide value, answer their questions and connect with them.

Written blog posts and video content on YouTube should be rich in medical and aesthetic information and relevant to what prospective patients are searching for.

Lead Nurturing and Follow-Up Campaigns

Building and nurturing leads can be difficult. In general, prospects may require multiple “touch points” before the lead converts and comes in for a consultation. HubSpot states it can take up to five follow-ups before a prospect becomes a customer. Persistence is the key.

The telephone is one of the best ways to connect with patients, followed by email. Email offers the advantage of automation, so you can develop a relationship with potential patients without having to send personalized messages. You also have the freedom to schedule them.

In today’s busy world, text messaging (SMS) is also extremely effective in connecting with prospects. It’s easy, quick and a lot of people don’t answer calls from a number they have never seen before.

In-office Med Spa Events

Your marketing plan should include hosting in-office special events, as well as external educational and social events. Med spa events draw attention to the spa services and treatments you offer. They give you an in-person opportunity to reinforce your brand and inform prospective patients about your services while offering an opportunity to reconnect with existing patients.

How to WIN in the Competitive World of Med Spa Marketing

You went to med school to learn a specific skill set and to deliver exceptional patient care, this is where your focus should be.

That said, you have three options for marketing: 1) Market yourself 2) Add it to the list of responsibilities for someone in your office 3) Outsource to a US-based digital agency that exclusively works with med spas and aesthetic practices.

The team at PracticeVIP understands your world. Our founder & CEO, Jeff McGeary, spent 15 years walking into offices just like yours as a pharmaceutical sales rep. We know you are busy and we take med spa marketing off your plate so you can 100% focus on seeing patients.

For a free practice acceleration consultation for your med spa, contact us at 877-962-2642 or right here on our page. We look forward to hearing from you!